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We service American V-Twin Motorcycles.
Vintage Bike Policy
Vintage   Bikes

We love vintage bikes, we love riding them and working on them. However the reality of these older machines is that they require attention and lots of maintenance which are often more involved and expensive than you first expect . There are no free rides on an old bike this is why we strive to keep you aware of the costs up front.

Hour Spent Hour Billed

We try our best to give an accurate estimate and keep you updated on new problems. Our hourly rate , is for an hour of time spent with your bike , regardless of the nature of that labor. Diagnosing problems, cleaning in preperation for service and toiling over broken and stripped bolts all count towards time.

Incremental Billing

Some projects take months, even years to complete. In order to keep the project moving along toward completion , we require parts be paid for upfront and deposits be paid on labor over $500 dollars . On lengthy projects we also require deposits for parts and labor on incremental milestones.

No Implied Guarantees.

We make guarentees for specific servies on a limited basis at our discression . Because without rebuilding your entire bike and replacing every nut and bolt, we cannot guarantee your bike isnt going to have some problem. We will however do our best to ensure that work completed on your bike is done properly.

Space cost money.

Keeping your bike at Frontier is not free . While we work on your bike , if we are required to stop work to wait a lengthy time for a decision or a speciality part , you will be billed for storage.

About Us

Frontier Custom Cycles can get the parts and gear you need, from engine parts to helmets and jackets. Pay us a visit on your way into the Pike Peak Region, at 1130 Ford Street in Colorado Springs.